Friday, May 17, 2013

Teenager’s party

        Teenager’s party usually done when there was an event, or if there was a day where the youth’s to have a party. one of which was a graduation party. graduation celebrations usually done by making the prom night. in each country, a party like that was often held, not to mention in Indonesia. several cities in Indonesia was often hold prom night at their respective schools as a sign celebrating graduation.

       Prom Night wasn’t always synonymous with luxury, but a moment where we can pack, pouring creativity and carve memories with friends for the last time at the beloved school. A month before the event, the students were busy with preparations for prom night. All seemed to not want to miss to get involved, from determining the location, fill out the event, preparing consumption, to find costumes in accordance with the prescribed dress code. If lucky, the most prestigious title will bagged, the Prom King and Prom Queen. Since it was a highly anticipated event, the students had to prepare themselves as best as possible to attend the party on this one. Supposing, you have to come up with the best clothes, the coolest cars, and the best couples! when prom night started, sometimes the drama musical will be shown by the students who have been trained and after that the students will be allowed to enjoy the party, accompanied by music from the DJ or we can dance with our partners on the dance floor that had been prepared.

      Apart from the magnificent organizing prom for students at school, as far as there are positive things we can learnt, actually it doens’t matter matter if the prom was held. The important thing isn’t the luxury of the events were held, but the moment where we could pouring creativity and carve memories with friends for the last time at our beloved school!